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Editors’ Letter

Editors’ Letter

Vol. 2, Issue 2: Introvert/Extrovert

artcore journal is enlivened by the unexpected each time we initiate, conceptualize, muscle through, and launch an issue. In our last issue, Women, the range of responses that delved deeply into what it means to be a woman in the art world today delighted us. The same is true for the Introvert/Extrovert issue.

At first, our thought was that for this issue we would perhaps be presented with texts and projects that ranged from the subtle and quiet to those that, “take a walk on the wild side.” While these aspects of yin and yang, hot and cold, introverted and extroverted are there, what has shown through the most are the gray areas in between; the conversations that projects have with one another, overlapping in context and content, with surprising correlations that broaden the spectrum and look more to the space between the notion of binary opposites offering an array of variables that dovetail in a vastly different way then what we originally proposed.

Therefore, we’ve decided to embrace this idea of making connections between opposites, or what was initially intended to project binary concepts, and deliver the Introvert/Extrovert issue in pairings of projects until the entire issue is launched.  In this idea, we share the element of surprise and discovery with our audience that impacts our thinking and development of each issue.

the personal made public

Todd Schroeder: Notes from the field

Review: “One, and Two, and More than Two” and the Exhibition as Extrovert by Natasha Chaykowski

the liminal space of identity

YEAR OF DREAMS: The First Leg by Megan Mantia and Leone Anne Reeves

Performing Representation: Documenting Drag by Susannah Darrow

the introvert and extrovert become one

The Paradox of Perfection: Technology, Vision, and the Work of Bill Viola by Genevieve Anderson

5 “Dating” Categories with Jessica Walsh on 40 Days of Dating with Kayti Doolittle and Erin Dziedzic

In anticipation of the conversations that these pairings of projects will have with one another in the Introvert/Extrovert issue, we have an additional surprise in store for the 5th and forthcoming issue. Brooklyn-based artist and writer William Corwin will guest edit an issue of artcore journal with a series of interviews joining artists, writers, and cultural critics and thinkers for engaging dialogs on the points of intersection in their respective work.

Finally, artcore would like to thank our administrative assistant Kalin Allen for her continued insight and energy.

Please continue to visit us on Facebook and Twitter @artcorejournal for journal updates and information on our whereabouts.


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