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Volume 1, Issue 1: Northeast

Zineb Sedira, MiddleSea, 2008, video-projection, sound, film super 16 mm,16/9, 16 min., Vues de l’exposition “Shipwreck : The Death of a Journey”, kamel mennour, Paris. © Zineb Sedira Photo Marc Domage. Courtesy the artist and kamel mennour, Paris

The inaugural, curated issue of artcore seeks to establish a broad range of responses to contemporary art and curatorial practice from varied spatial perspectives. By titling the first issue Northeast, artcore journal gives focus to a particular region of the US, while simultaneously questioning the notions of origin, destination and regional boundaries to spatially explore nonlocalizable relations that sweep through distant points.

As such, the term or location, Northeast, is revealed as a line of becoming, creating space for dynamic frequencies between dialectical opposition conditions of finite/indiscernible, pointed/nonlocalizable and aborescent/rhizomatic to produce a shared deterritorialization among locales that we often think of as static and recognizable points of origin.

This issue of artcore journal explores the elasticity of the notion of region, demonstrating that themes presented in visual art and curatorial practice fluctuate in-between points and in active and vibrating spaces rather than being anchored into a fixed location.


Lead Essay

Home: An Imagined Place in the Work of Yael Bartana, Nari Ward, and Zineb Sedira by Erin Dziedzic


Mary Beth Edelson:  Selections from the Story Gathering Boxes 1972 – Ongoing by Paul Bloodgood

Loft on Spring Street and Into the Obscure by Zach Chambers

In Conversation

Five Questions with ARIKA by Erin Dziedzic

Artist Projects

Joanna M. Wezyk by Rana Edgar

Paolo Piscitelli by Heather MacRae

Apemantus and Awful by Craig Drennen

If You Lived Here You Would Be Home Right Now by Honor Bowman

Adam Cvijanovic by Kalin Allen

Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT (November 20 – December 16, 2011) by Gregory Eltringham

Curatorial Projects

An Experiment in Curatorial Studies: Court Square, LIC by Jaime Schwartz


William Cordova at the Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts by Steve Locke

Blurring Boundaries with Defined Lines by Caroline Rush

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! A Review of Maurizio Cattelan: All at the Guggenheim by Whitney Dail


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