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Loft on Spring Street and Into the Obscure by Zach Chambers

Loft on Spring Street

You were there.
1950’s New York,
tearing through the scene,
long nights talking of dreams
with Pollock.
Twilight hues
mimicked by the glow
of hand rolled cigarettes,
that permeated
the soft spoken musings
of the precocious.

I never quite understood
who you were,
why you were standing there,
surrounded by colors and canvas,
smelling of linseed oil.

You smiled at me
with weary satisfaction
and modesty,
survivor of the abstract

Into the Obscure

We ride into the night,
through the thick, endlessness of fog.
The soft orange glow of
street lights,
that reveals only for a moment,
quiet houses.
The trees waver
in the pallor of the moonlight.
With disregard we go forth,
and the city at our backs
becomes a relic of the night.
We are pioneers of the moment,
heedless to the world
and its obtrusions.
Time slows,
but does not stop,
not even for us.
We outpace
the instant,

Zach Chambers is a Savannah based photographer and writer, currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in both fields at the Savannah College of Art and Design.


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